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Prunus lusitanica Portuguese laurel hedg




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Portuguese, English & Russian Laurels
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Portuguese laurel

Prunus lusitanica, has dark pointed glossy evergreen leaves that grow on reddish stems. Elegant small tree or large shrub growing to around 35' high x 10' wide in the Vancouver area. Portugal laurel produces a profusion of fragrant white flowers in the spring, followed by small cherry red fruit. Plant as an accent tree, or mass planting for privacy hedging. Low maintenance hedge compared to English laurel. Suitable for zones 7 - 9

English laurel, Prunus laurocerasus Cherry Laurel. Dense shrub or small tree with glossy evergreen green leaves. English laurel grows vigorously and requires annual or semi annual pruning to keep neat & tidy looking. Small fragrant flowers appear in spring. Grows to a height of around 30' x 15' wide in zones 6-9 Good plant to use for privacy hedging.

Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken' Compact growing laurel with narrow dark evergreen leaves. Grows to a height of 8' x 6' wide and is ideal for low hedging and border edging. Produces in abundance white fragrant bottlebrush type flowers which stand erect in late spring and repeats in the early fall. Zones 6 -9

Russian laurel Laurocerasus 'Reynvaanii'. Cold hardy laurel, which has more of an upright growing habit. Long narrow leathery evergreen leaves and fragrant white flowers are produced in the spring followed by cherry like fruit. This laurel can be grown in zones 4 -9. Grows to a height of around 9' - 10' x 4' wide. Plant on mass for privacy hedge.

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